School Uniform


Our school uniform shows that pupils belong to our school community and should be worn with pride. School Uniform is a requirement for pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 to 4, sixth form students from the ages of 16-19 are not required to wear school uniform, but are expected to dress in smart clothing.

Hoodies, blue jeans and slogan t shirts are not permitted in school. The school expects all parents who accept a place at the Hornbeam Academy Trust to comply with the school uniform standards.


To provide a consistent approach to our school uniform which reflects the school’s ethos of high standards and promotes good behaviour and equality. Items with the Hornbeam Academy Trust logo, i.e., Royal blue jumper / sweatshirt or fleece can be purchased from My Clothing. All other items can be brought in clothes departments of larger supermarkets or department stores, e.g. Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer. By choosing generic trousers, skirts and polo shirts we have ensured a reasonable price for all items.


That pupils dress with the school’s identity and high standards in mind
To ensure a smart and practical uniform, which is affordable.
That our uniform reflects our standards, ensuring respect and safety
That the uniform enables all pupils to be identified as a part of the Hornbeam Academy Trust and treated equally.


Grey / Black Trousers
Grey / Black Jogging Bottoms
Grey / Black Shorts
Grey / Black Skirt
Royal blue and white gingham school dress
White Polo Shirt / Royal Blue Polo Shirt
Royal blue jumper / sweatshirt / fleece with the Hornbeam Academy Trust logo (These items can be purchased from School)
Grey / Black / White Socks
Grey / Black Tights
Sensible, flat black shoes, boots or trainers
Headwear for cultural or religious reasons may be worn, e.g. Hijab, Turban etc., but must be plain in colour. Outdoor hats should be removed inside the school premises but helmets / hats worn for medical / physiotherapy purposes are permitted.

PE Uniform

White T Shirt
Black / grey shorts or jogging bottoms
Black plimsolls
Royal blue sweatshirt with the Hornbeam Academy Trust logo (This item can be purchased from School)

All items of school uniform must be clearly named to ensure their safe return. The school does not accept responsibility for misplaced items.


Children are allowed to wear:

One pair of plain, small stud earrings, silver or gold (no stones set into them) these must be removed for any PE activity.
Wristwatch, this must be removed for any PE activity.
No other jewellery is allowed.

In the interests of fairness and consistency across the school, parents / carers must accept the Head of School / Deputy Head of School’s decision on all uniform matters. We will always try to act in a reasonable manner and involve parents at an early stage.

Support for uniform

The school will always source best value for money options for our families, ensuring durability and quality. If any parent finds that they are having financial difficulties they are welcome to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss the matter.

This policy has been written in line with the Department for Education’s guidelines on uniform.


You can purchase uniform that is embroidered with the school badge at:

Type in Hornbeam Academy as the name of the school, then choose either William Morris or Brookfield House by clicking on the name, see below. If you are experiencing any issues with this our Family Support Team would be happy to assist you.